Monday, May 13, 2019

May 13-17: Social-demographic issues since 1980

-MAY 28 & 29 

-review Indigenous issues
-go over test: diagram & short answer questions.

Wednesday: Blue & Red groups
-notes: social-demographic issues since 1980
-purple group: see above

Thurs. & Fri.
-purple group: see Wednesday

June exam is in June; start studying. It's worth A LOT!.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

May 6-10: Economic issues in Quebec, 1980-present

Those of you who missed class last week need to get the last two printed slides to complete the section on Indigenous rights. This completes the Political issues since 1980.

We have some major topics to tackle. Absences in May will be lethal; studying and classwork needs to be taken seriously. At this point, I've given it my all; if you want to succeed, you'll have to step up.

Mon.-Fri.: Economic Issues
(1) Redefining the role of the state:
-neoliberal policies, funding social programs, social economy and civil society, state neutrality
(2) Globalization of the economy:
Quebec Inc., free trade agreements, export sectors
(3) Devitalization of communities:
-single-industry towns, local services, migrations, next generation of farmers, loss of political weight

-handouts: green booklet (textbook, p. 302-314) & back-to-back FIB notes

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Apr. 15-19: Quebec's political status, 1980-1995 & Quiz

-notes: Referendum, 1980; repatriation of the Constitution, 1982; Meech Lake Accord, 1987-1990...
-textbook, pp. 288-, and booklet, #1-7 for Thursday

Thursday: Quiz
-10-15 short answer questions.
Just the fact, ma'am.

Happy Easter Break, all! See you after the MV trip to Greece!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Apr. 8-12: Chap. 3 Exam & beginning of Ch. 4

-review for chap. 3 exam

-chap. 3 exam
-red group: extra time starts at 12:45
-absences require official doctor's note

-start Ch. 4: 1980-today

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Apr.1-5: Finish Ch. 3-Exam next week

Re-take, reminder #2: Quiet Revolution test
-at the lunch bell in my class; if you care, you'll be there!

Monday-Wednesday: Purple-Red groups
-review: constitutional negotiations; indigenous issues
-correct homework: questions 2-5; complete 7-12.
-notes: feminism... employer-union relations

Blue group:
-correct questions: indigenous issues
-notes: employer-union relations
-timeline: politics in Quebec and Canada

-finish chap. 3

CHAPTER 3 EXAM: April 9-10
-21 short answer questions
-diagram about a period between 1945-1980

21 short answer questions: intellectual operations
-establish facts, chronology, causal connections, situate in time or space, goals, cause & consequence, make comparisons, establish connections, before and after, continuity & change, determine explanatory factors, differences and similarities...

Topics include:
-Duplessis era, 1944-1959
-consumer society
-role of the Catholic church
-Quiet Revolution, 1960-1966
-political social economic changes & results
-language laws
-goals of neo-nationalist political groups in Quebec in the 1960's
-changing social attitudes in the 1960s and the impact on women and women's roles, etc.
-Indian Residential Schools... indigenous groups

-historical actors: Duplessis, Jean Lesage, Bourassa, Rene Levesque, Pierre Trudeau
-immigration: changes, etc.

Reminder: you need a legitimate reason for any absence (legal, medical...).

Monday, March 18, 2019

Mar. 18-22: Results of the Quiet Rev. & TEST

-notes: Impact of the Quiet Revolution
-complete booklet up to #16, as well as the two summary questions (19 & 20)
-read about "neo-nationlism" in second booklet
-return: long-answer-essay (Quiet Rev.) and go over in class (Ms. V's version)

Friday: Test
-study the following:
-notes "The Quiet Revolution"
-review major concepts (see below)
-go over textbook, pp. 224-237; read the "summary" on p. 239

The test?
-19 short answer questions (4-page booklet); out of 35 marks
-define/explain: "Quiet Revolution" and "welfare state"
-Economic: gov't interventions, measures, goals, its role, results... (5)
-Social: measures implemented, Labour Code, 1964 (health care, education... 6)
-Effects: on the church, on Quebecois (openness, opportunities...) Expo 67, new language laws, neo-nationalist political parties in Quebec (FLQ, October Crisis...)

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Feb. 25-Mar. 1: Not quite a full week...

finish development of suburbs & impact of American culture, 1950's-1960's
-notes & finish booklet

start Quebec's "Quiet Revolution," 1960's
-txtbk., pp. 224-232
-essay & test, Quiet Revolution AFTER the March Break

Have a great March break!

 Changes after the Quiet Rev.
-txtbk., pp. 233-239