Friday, November 30, 2018

Dec. 3-6: 2nd phase of industrialization & test

Min-Wed: 2nd phase of industrialization
-for next class (Mon., Dec. 3), read the last two booklet pages (2nd phase)
-notes: Industrial development, 1896-1929 (resources & sectors, location, role of the state...)
-readings: (textbook, p. 130-139) & questions (new booklet)

Thurs: Test
-Laurier era (~11 short answer questions) & 2nd phase (~7 questions)
-study notes, skim over textbook (pp. 116-129, summary; 131-139, summary).

Monday, November 26, 2018

Nov. 26-30: Laurier's Domestic policies

-purple group: 10 question quiz
-complete Laurier era notes: immigration policy, territorial growth, French-Cdn minority & First nations' policies (treaties, schools)
-reading & booklet: textbook, pp. 122-125; complete bklt p. 5, #8-11
-domestic policy notes: complete #12-14; read about immigration & answer questions.

-start 2nd phase of industrialization?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nov. 19-22: Laurier era

-notes: complete imperialist-nationalist differing views about Canada's role in the empire
-work with documents: Boer war, Canada's navy...
-complete booklet: #1-7 (textbook, p. 116-...)

Wed-Thurs.: begin domestic policy
-notes: immigration to Canada

-pop quiz

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nov. 12-16: Start Chap. 2: Nationalisms & Canada's autonomy

-go over term exam
-start notes: The Laurier era & booklet 1 (read textbook, p. 116; answer questions #1 & 2)


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Term exam: Thursday, Nov. 8

After school exam tutorial: Tuesday, Nov. 6 (4:00-5:30)
EXAM: 50%, TERM 1
Chapter 1: 1840-1896
21 questions: short answer questions based on documents
see textbook:
summaries: p. 37, 53, 65, 83, & 99
aspects of society (power, territory, economy, society, culture): pp. 102-104
Ace the Exam, pp. 106-108

Topics: 1840-1896
politicsAct of Union, ministerial instability, responsible gov't, structure of government, confederation & the BNA Act, Metis & indigenous issues (two rebellions...)
social: migrations (urbanization, emigration, immigration), Catholic church's influence (ultramontanism)
economic: end of British protectionism, Reciprocity, industrialization (conditions, unions...) transportation, National Policy
territory: creation of Canada (provinces), purchase of Rupert's Land...
specific dates

Types of questions:
chronological order
territorial result
social result
causal connection
historical figures - agree or disagree with each other

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Oct 22-26: Review (Metis, etc); start First phase of industrialization, last half of the 19th century

Monday: Gr. 02 (2nd) & 03 (4th); 01 (Tues., 4th)

-go over notes: two Riel Rebellions, "Numbered Treaties," Indian Act, 1876
-return causal connection 
-create a Venn diagram about the two Metis rebellion
-make a timeline of Metis and Indigenous issues, 1867-1885 (just a few important dates)
-create a scroll of the Indian Act, 1876 (examine some of the 21 restrictions imposed on First Nations at some point in the 142-year history of the Indian Act. Click here.)
Take a look at some of the specifics of the Numbered Treaties in Manitoba: click here.
-series of questions, not for marks; identify areas for improvement of understanding in preparation for a quiz on Friday.

-start the first phase of industrialization
-notes, booklet, an essay in your future... 😢